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The Wanderlust Post is an exciting new travel and lifestyle online magazine. We are currently offering selected travel & lifestyle bloggers, photographers, and influencers the opportunity to be featured on The Wanderlust Post by blogging with us. You can meet our team of Wander Bloggers here.

How To Be Featured on The Wanderlust Post

There are three main ways to be featured on The Wanderlust Post:

1. Receive a Personal Invitation

If you have received a personal invitation from one of our editors via email, through your own blog, or on social media, and you would like to submit a blog post for publication on The Wanderlust Post, please click here and complete the registration form. There is space on the application for you to submit your first blog post.

2. Ask Us to Feature You

If you’d like us to consider interviewing you for a feature, or you’d like us to publish an article about your work or brand, or if you are interested in being interviewed for our new podcast channel (coming soon) please click here to contact us.

3. Make an Application to Become an Approved Blogger

If you’re a blogger or social media influencer and would like to increase your followers, you may wish to become an approved blogger on The Wanderlust Post so you can share your blog posts, articles and photos with our readership and social media followers. Please note: You do not have to create exclusive content for The Wanderlust Post (unless you want to). You are free to share work you have already published or shared elsewhere (providing you make a simple disclosure). Any blog post you publish on our platform is fully credited to you and comes with links to your own blog (if you have one) and social media profiles. If you’d like to become an approved blogger there is an application form to complete. You must submit a blog post as part of your application along with a minimum of two photos. We recommend that you write your blog post (which should be at least 500 words long) before you begin filling in your application in case of any connection issues. When you are ready to fill out the application and submit your blog post click here.


Why Feature on The Wanderlust Post

Should we feature you, The Wanderlust Post will be able to offer you exposure with an additional audience, publicity and an extended platform to share your travel and lifestyle related blog posts, photos, articles, experiences, reviews and recommendations with a diverse audience. Additionally, our main launch with full publicity drive is coming up soon, so it is a great time to be featured at the moment. You and/or your work will be widely publicised across all our social media channels during our launch. Anything you publish on The Wanderlust Post will of course be fully credited to you with links to your own blog and social media profiles.


Becoming An Approved Blogger

First of all, please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions for Bloggers. Making an application and submitting your first post conveys your agreement to the Terms and Conditions for Bloggers so it is important you have read them.

Then, if you do not already have one (many bloggers already do) please obtain a FREE Gravatar. A Gravatar basically links your email address with a small picture of you. Your picture then appears whenever you comment on a blog or reply to a comment on one of your blog posts. It will appear at the bottom of any post you share on The Wanderlust Post and also alongside your profile with details of your own blog or website and your social media links. If you do need to create a Gravatar please be sure to create it using the same email address you plan to be associated with your approved blogging account. Your email address will never be revealed on our website but, for your image to appear on your blog posts, your Gravatar must have the same email address as your blogger account with us. In the interests of transparency to our readership, you must have a clear photo of yourself uploaded to your Gravatar in order to blog on The Wanderlust Post.

Once you’ve read the Terms and Conditions for Bloggers, created a Gravatar if you need to, and have your blog post written and ready to submit, please complete the following Application Form.


New Blogger Application Form


Benefits of Blogging on The Wanderlust Post

  1. Publishing on The Wanderlust Post increases exposure to your work, helps build your following, and raises awareness of your products and services.
  2. As an approved blogger you are free to create and submit articles on any travel or lifestyle related topics that you wish, and submit them for publication on our platform as little or as often as you wish.
  3. The blog posts and articles you submit will be publicised among the readership of The Wanderlust Post. They will be shared across our social media accounts, and may be featured in The Wanderlust Post email newsletter which is sent to our subscribers.
  4. You will always be clearly identified as the author of your own blog posts. Your chosen name (which can be your ‘blogger’ name and need not be your real name) along with a link to a short bio will appear on each of your posts. Your bio may include the details of your own blog or website and links to your social media accounts.
  5. Your work does not need to appear exclusively on The Wanderlust Post. Any blog post or article you submit may be a copy or an edited version of a blog post or article you have written for another purpose. It may have appeared on your own website (providing you add a short comment explaining where it currently appears, or has previously appeared) though you must own the copyright for the article.
  6. You retain the copyright to your own work (though you authorise us to publish, use and share it).
  7. We only publish good quality work which is likely to be of interest to our readership and which fits in with our magazine theme and style. Because we are selective, your work will only appear alongside other high quality work (providing it with increased credibility) and you will be able to showcase your work among a high quality community.
  8. You may improve your writing/photography skills by blogging on The Wanderlust Post. This is because have a team of experienced editors and when you submit a blog post to us one of our editors will review your work for free. They may approve your blog post as it is, for publication straight away. Alternatively, your work may be edited, or suggestions for edits and changes may be made, and then your blog post will be sent back to you for your approval before publishing it. This gives you valuable feedback from experienced editors and is akin to receiving one-to-one coaching on your work. If our editors do not think your work is right, or ready for publication, or if they think it needs substantial changes to be of interest to our readers, they will return your work to you with feedback.
  9. Blogging on The Wanderlust Post may be of particular benefit to you if you are just starting out as a travel or lifestyle blogger. You may benefit from the guidance, editorial feedback and coaching we can provide, and you may not yet have built up a large following. Blogging on a multi-blogger platform will increase your exposure beyond your usual reach.

Please remember, if you’d like to become an approved blogger you must read the Terms and Conditions for Bloggers before completing the application form and submitting your first blog post.


New Blogger Application Form

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