Terms & Conditions for Bloggers

BEFORE submitting ANY blog posts to us please read the following terms and conditions carefully. By submitting blog posts to be published on The Wanderlust Post website, or on any other site owned or operated by The Wanderlust Post, you are indicating that you agree to the terms laid out below. The Terms and Conditions for Bloggers may be changed or updated at any time and they will apply to all blog posts. This includes any posts that you have already submitted to us, and any subsequent blog posts. The most current and up-to-date version of the Terms and Conditions for Bloggers are laid out below.

They have the same effect as an agreement in writing therefore, if you do not agree to any of these terms, please do not submit posts to The Wanderlust Post.


Terms and Conditions for Bloggers


1. You are not an employee of The Wanderlust Post.

When you submit blog posts to The Wanderlust Post, you are doing so as an entirely independent individual, not as an employee of The Wanderlust Post. This means you are entirely responsible for obtaining and paying for any and all of your own equipment and facilities which enable you to write and submit posts to The Wanderlust Post. This includes but is not necessarily limited to your computer or laptop, internet access, any third-party clearances and licenses and everything else you may need in order to be able to create and submit blog posts to The Wanderlust Post. You agree that you are not entitled to, and do not expect, any wages, compensation, commission, or remuneration of any kind for any of the content, be it written, pictorial or otherwise that you submit. By submitting blog posts to The Wanderlust Post you also agree that you understand you are not eligible for any employee benefit plans or schemes, remuneration, commission or payments either now, or at any time in the future, as a result of your submission of posts and our subsequent use of them.


2. You may not claim to be a representative of The Wanderlust Post.

While you may be permitted to advertise the fact that you have had your work published on The Wanderlust Post, and you are fully permitted to share your published articles on social media and those of other bloggers on the Wanderlust Post, you may not act as an agent or representative of The Wanderlust Post, or attempt to bind The Wanderlust Post to any obligations, or commitments, paid or otherwise. As a Wanderlust Post blogger, you must not attempt to identify yourself as a representative or employee of The Wanderlust Post while attending or covering events, trips or enjoying travel experiences. This is the case even if you have been given an opportunity to travel or work with one of our clients or partners because they have seen your work on The Wanderlust post or we have recommended you to them. Any engagement you undertake is entirely as an independent and you are responsible for your own contract and relationship with outside companies, brands, or travel operators.


3. It is your decision how, when and if you submit posts for publication.

You agree that you are not under the direction or control of The Wanderlust Post and you accept that you have complete control and autonomy over the manner and means by which you submit blog posts for The Wanderlust Post. Because you are an independent, you are at all times your own boss and you can stop posting at any time. If you do decide to submit a post, you accept that it is your decision as to when, where and how often you write and submit posts to The Wanderlust Post. The Wanderlust Post may provide you with guidelines and advice for successful blogging, tips on how to blog effectively, or information related to topics that are attractive to our readers however, you accept that this does not constitute any form of direction or commission of your work. You are free to write or provide content for anyone else you want at any time. You can write about anything you want providing it is in some way connected or related to travel or lifestyle and likely to be of interest to our readership. The Wanderlust Post reserves the right to reject your blog post submission for any reason. Likely reasons would be that the content of your submission violates our Terms and Conditions for bloggers or that the quality or content of your writing falls below the standard our readers expect from our website. If your blog post is rejected, you will be informed. You may or may not be offered the opportunity to revise your post and re-submit. You may or may not be offered guidelines on revisions which would increase its suitability for publication. You accept that this would not constitute direction or commission of your work in any way and that you remain an independent blogger on our platform.


4. You should submit your posts once they are complete and ready for publication.

By submitting a post to The Wanderlust Post you are representing to us that your blog post, written text, photos and any other content you submit is your own original work and content, or that you have the expressed and clear rights and permissions to use and license it to us under proper licensing. You also represent to us that your blog post content, written or otherwise, does not infringe or violate any law, rule or regulation. Nor does it violate the rights or intellectual property rights of any person or entity (or encourage anyone else to do so). You also represent to us that your content, written, pictorial, photographic or otherwise is in no way objectionable, inflammatory or inaccurate, nor is it obscene, pornographic, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, defamatory, threatening, or harassing and is not otherwise against the interests of The Wanderlust Post or our users as a whole. Furthermore, unless you have been asked by The Wanderlust Post to provide us with an advertisement in graphic or written form, or you have been given expressed permission in writing, you represent to us that your blog post and its content, written, pictorial, photographic or otherwise, is not an advertisement or solicitation of business or contributions. We reserve the right, but do not have any obligation, to remove any or all of your blog posts that fail to comply with