Visiting Cape Town – Things to See and Do

My boyfriend was born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa. While we actually met in Melbourne, he is currently living back in Cape Town so naturally, I packed up my things and ventured over to visit him for a three-week adventure. There are so many wonderful things to see and do while visiting Cape Town, but here are my personal highlights from my own trip:


Visiting Table Mountain

Naturally, I couldn’t pass up the chance to make my way to Table Mountain.

Being 1,085m above sea level and for R255 return, that view is yours to savour. For almost my entire trip we were putting this particular adventure off because of weather, but once I got up there I didn’t ever want to come down.

You step off the cable car and right into the most beautiful of national parks. The walkways showing you views of Cape Town, Table Bay and the surrounding areas. Further along, you can choose one of three hiking trails to take you through one of the richest floristic areas in the world. Definitely a must-see!


The World of Birds Sanctuary and Money Park

This particular sanctuary was incredible. Any feathered beauty that needed refuge was there, from the most common of duck to the most exquisite of parrot. Take the time to wander through the enclosures, between the animals and enjoy the gardens. Be careful of the monkeys though – they have a habit of stealing your valuables!

Where to eat in Cape Town

Knowing full well that I am a coffee snob my boyfriend took me to Loaves on Long; an artesian eatery that almost had me feeling like I was back on Brunswick street at home! With a mix of classic café breakfast foods, toasties and smoothies, ‘Loaves’ has something for everyone.


Hudsons was perfect for another good meal. A classic, relaxed burger joint with mouth-watering loaded fries and milkshakes to die for. The staff at Claremont were more than accommodating, and invited us in even though we arrived a little before opening. Once I had downed my Oreo Milkshake I set out to tackle ‘The Works’ burger; and I assure you I was not disappointed, and nor will you be.


Visiting Aquila Private Game Reserve

Home of the Big 5, Aquila has a range of different safari and spa options. While we just did the afternoon safari, it was probably the best experience of the entire trip. With pick ups and drop offs across Cape Town, a fantastic lunch and well-informed staff you certainly get your money’s worth here! We managed to see everything from a lion to a buffalo that day, only missing out on the leopard as it had just given birth. If you’re lucky you might just spot everything!

Of course with all the sun and sea there are a million and one other adventures to be had in Cape Town, but I assure you that you will miss out if you don’t make it to these top spots. So pack your bags, and get on your way for a South African adventure!

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