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I’ve been fortunate enough to have visited a total of twenty-four countries, despite the fact that I’m only twenty! From the U.K. to the U.S., Slovenia to Peru I’ve done my fair share of jet setting and there’s no denying that the travel bug has well and truly bitten me. Yet alas, I don’t have the financial capacity to set myself up for the high life when travelling (although that would be fun!) so travelling on a shoestring is a necessity for me.

I haven’t travelled everywhere, but it’s on my list.


Travelling on a shoestring budget


Travelling on a Shoestring Budget

In order to fund my expensive travel hobby, shoestring trips are my go-to, and often, finding ways to save money can make the adventure even more adventurous! But how do you make budget trips work?

1. Plan ahead

Perhaps not every single detail, but do have a rough idea of where you’ll be on each day. Look online at suggested budget itineraries and go from there.


Travelling on a Budget Shoestring

2. Eat cheap

I don’t mean fast food or anything. I’m talking street food, fruit and veg, or good cheeses depending on the area you’re in. Even hit up a supermarket and pack your own lunch if you can – bagels or salads and snacks can offer much lower cost options than eating out.

3. Train or bus travel

Over flying. Not only do you get to see more of the country this way, but you often save at least half the cost. Similarly, if you pick an overnight trip, you save on a night of accommodation too!


Travel on a tight budget


4. Set yourself daily limits

Say you’re spending a week in South Africa, with $870 AUD to spend (excluding flights), then split that up into $124 a day to spend on food, accommodation, tickets, tipping, entry and so on. It’s much easier this way and you wont run out of money fast!

5. Free stuff!!

You’d be surprised how much you can do for peanuts, if not nothing at all. Find out which museums are free on what days, visit the famous parks, walk through the city centres rather than navigating the public transport systems, people watch, get lost and find something incredible!

You can have a hell of an experience and make brilliant stories with just a few coins in your pocket and a bag on your back.

The best advice I can give you is embrace it all and enjoy!


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Travelling on a Shoestring - 5 Top Tips for Travel on a Budget! The Wanderlust Post


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