Travelling is an Extreme Sport and I NEED to Get My Fix!

Travel is Like an Extreme Sport and I Need My Fix! From The Wanderlust Post

Bon jour! I’m Eddie, I’m French (so I’m romantic!) and 29 years old. I’ve been travelling since I was just 18 and my travel experiences have always been utterly transformative for me. I always wanted to see the world, so I joined the Navy and spent a year in Amazonia. I went to so many countries from Brazil to North Caraibe, it was incredible. When I came back to France I learned to fix sailboats and became a captain for 5 years and I also developed a love for extreme sport. Then, I gave everything up and went to Australia where I spent almost 3 years learning to ride horses. Why? Because I was afraid to do it, and I believe fears are there to be overcome.

Travel and Extreme Sport

I became a cowboy, and although I fell off my horse 9 times and had 2 ground accidents, I cannot now imagine my life without them. But then, I have always challenged myself. I love extreme sports, and self-improvement. I need to feel myself getting closer to the edge every day. I’m a skydiver, a free diver, surfer, rider, skier and I also do AcroYoga. I need to feel my muscles, and the power in my veins when I push myself harder and harder.

Travel Blogger Surfing Extreme Sport

Travel is Like an Extreme Sport!

Travel is another aspect of living life on the edge! There’s a feeling that only real travellers can understand… I often think people would prefer me to settle down. Perhaps because my own sense of freedom frightens them and troubles them in some way, or it’s at odds with their values.

Travel Blogger Sailing - Travel is an Extreme Sport

Travel Blogger Doing Extreme Sports Wanderlust Post

Travel Changes You

Every time you come back to the place you grew up, you feel there’s a new distance between you and your relatives. You’ve experimented so much. You’re so different in so many ways, but the place you’ve come back to is still just the same and you don’t feel like you fit in there anymore. You have a hunger for adventure, and you feel like you need more now so you’ll do everything you can in order to get it. You’re an explorer and a fighter now, and no borders or flags mean anything to you. You belong only to the earth! 

Travel Blogger Sky Diving The Wanderlust Post

What’s Next?

The year ahead of me is gonna be stunning. I don’t really know yet where I’ll be going. I’ll have to work this summer but I know I’ll go to South America again this winter. In Argentina I aim to reach my dream of becoming a real horseman. I hope to go to Russia again too. I don’t have any firm plans, but then, that’s partly what I like about travelling. You never know what’s going to happen next!

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Travelling is an extreme sport and I need to get my fix - The Wanderlust Post - Travel Blogging

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Eddie Keller
Eddie is a blogger and instagrammer who's been travelling since he was 18 years old. After a time in the Navy, then becoming a sailor and spending 5 years as a captain he gave it all up to become a cowboy in Australia. He's currently preparing for his next trip to Argentina and has some other exciting locations planned for the year ahead.

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