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Packing lightly is most definitely not a skill of mine. However, over the years I have come to find some ways of making it a little easier to travel with less, without having to sacrifice all those items I ‘really do need, honestly…’ for a short trip away. I don’t know about you ladies, but my travel makeup bag always seems to be an issue for me while packing. It can take up a lot of room, get pretty heavy, not to mention keeping all the items in line with carry-on flight regulations. But never fear, I do believe I have discovered a few ways of condensing my cosmetics to a manageable amount by combining and minimising the amount of products I take away with me.

Travel Makeup Wanderlust Post


The Naked Basics Palette

The Naked Basics palette is one of Urban Decay’s most popular eye shadow palettes. It is very compact, and due to the range of shades, you can forget about bringing a separate highlighter, brow palette, concealer setting powder, and eyeshadow. Urban Decay has you covered! I have previously written a post about this fabulous multitasking palette that you can read here.

Benefit Cosmetics Miniatures

Benefit frequently releases new gift sets filled with miniature versions of their most popular products. After receiving a couple of the Christmas gift sets I can now fit a few more products into my travel-sized makeup bag, without having to sacrifice any of my favourite items.

MAC Travel Brushes

MAC is another brand that has released miniature versions of their popular items, and in this case, their travel sized set of makeup brushes comes in very handy when trying to save space. The Nutcracker Limited Edition set comes with three of my favourite brushes in travel-sized form. Although this particular set is no longer available, MAC still has many miniature options available for other products.


Travel Bloggers Makeup Tips - Wanderlust Post


Travel Makeup Multitasking 

When you master the art of travel makeup multitasking, you cut out the need to pack so many different products. Use a pink lipstick dabbed on your cheeks to act as a blush, use highlighter and bronzer as eyeshadow, use a brow pencil as eyeliner. Innovative, fun and useful!

DIY Palettes

Instead of packing three different shadow palettes, knowing you only really use one or two of your favourite shades from each, why not create your own compact selection of shadows you know you’ll actually use? Brands such as MAC, NYX, Nars and many more have the option to create your own palette, so you can stop wasting space and focus on the shades that really matter!

So there you have it, a few ways of saving space and getting savvy with your travel makeup bag. Do you have any tips for cutting down on products or makeup multitasking? Let me know in the comments below!


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