7 London Vegan Restaurants… Oh and a Vegan Burger Bar!

London Vegan Restaurants and Where to get Vegan Food

There are plenty of options for vegetarians to eat out in London these days. It’s certainly far less challenging than it was a couple of decades ago. However, it can still be a bit tricky for vegans. It’s hard to find places serving more than just one or two nice vegan dishes, and harder still to find good London vegan restaurants.

London Vegan Restaurants

Since I was in London recently with a friend who is vegan, I thought I’d do a bit of research. I set out to find the best places to get vegan food in London, so any vegans out there can still set their taste buds alight on a trip to the capital. Some of the restaurants and cafes below are 100% vegan. A few are vegetarian, but they have still made the list because they serve a high variety of vegan food. Hence, they are s