A Singing Holiday to Florence

Singing Holidays Singing Retreat

I’ve always been passionate about traveling. I enjoy the excitement of exploring a new place, sampling the local food and people watching in entirely new cultures. My love of traveling first arose when I was a young professional singer working the international circuit on board cruise ships. I was lucky enough to be able to travel to places such as Dubai, Cyprus, France, Bahrain, Ireland and the Netherlands to name a few. This allowed me to combine my passion for both music and travel. However, I could never have foreseen that years later I’d be creating a ‘singing holiday’ business!

Combining Music & Travel

When I got married and had a family I wasn’t able to roam around quite so much. But I continued to pursue my love of music and started All For One Choirs. These are local choirs which provide people with the opportunity to sing rock, pop and gospel music just for fun